Favorite Nook

This little landing at the top of our stairs was unused space and kind of blah before we thought to put a little table in the corner. Now it’s a nice pop of color when you look up from the dining room.

In the house tour, you can see that we had a round table with a colorful tablecloth here before, but after Pistachio (our kitten with a mustachio) knocked it down the stairs TWICE, destroying a beautiful hurricane vase on the second occassion, we switched it out for something a little heftier. Above it we hung a framed photo of Nick and I at my friend Cassie’s wedding, as well as pictures of each of us when we were little.

I placed a potted herb (chamomile) and an old book I found at Goodwill on top. I love how the tabletop is worn and cracked. I bought this nightstand as part of a bedroom set from craigslist, then painted it the same color as the dining room dresser and distressed it just a tiny little bit.

It’s right next to our teeny tiny master bathroom, so the wire basket (originally purchased at Hobby Lobby for our wedding) that I placed underneath is a great place to store extra hand towels and washcloths. I added some white candles in a mason jar just for fun. And you can see here that I never got around to painting the underside of the drawer. My bad, little nightstand! Sorry to leave you exposed on the internet like this!

Filling in and personalizing little areas like this has really helped our house start to feel like home.

Now I just need curtains on those windows!!!


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